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The elephants are here –Elephant Parade at Zurich Airport

Discover up to 60 artistically painted elephant sculptures from 26 August to 11 October.

A herd of colourful elephant sculptures

A spectacle of elephantine proportions awaits you in Airport Shopping, Check-ins 1 & 2 and on the observation deck (open on Wed/Sat/Sun from 11am to 4pm). Up to 60 colourful, painted elephant sculptures will inhabit Zurich Airport from 26 August to 11 October. Renowned artists and celebrities have created individual works of art from the life-sized baby elephants. Choose your favourite elephant and get a miniature version to take home!

The Elephant Parade was created as a collaboration between Zurich Airport and Franco and Claudia Knie. By using pachyderms as a medium rather than canvas, the organisers are aiming to draw attention to the conservation of animal species.

Elephants in Rapperswil

Activities related to the Elephant Parade

The elephant exhibition combines art with species conservation. By taking part in art workshops and purchasing goods in the pop-up shop, you will be helping to protect the Asian elephant and its habitat. With a little luck in the photo competition, you could win a trip for the whole family to see the elephants in the elephant park in Rapperswil.

Pop-up shop: elephants to take home
Swiss Collection
By purchasing a miniature elephant, you can take your favourite artwork home with you and donate to the species conservation project at the same time. The pop-up shop offers elephant-themed accessories and various sizes of painted collectible elephants.

You will find the pop-up shop in Airport Shopping.

Opening hours:

Airport Shopping  
Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 19:00 h


Find out more about the Elephant Parade

You’ll find more information about the Elephant Parade Swiss Tour 2020 and its associated activities here.

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