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The new Zurich Airport website –everything you need to know

The new Zurich Airport website is online and, along with it, a few helpful new functions.

A quick look

Come with us on a brief tour of the new functions of our website that will assist you with everything from checking in to departure or give you a deeper insight into the world of Zurich Airport.

Find and bookmark flight – from check-in to departure

Helpful for everyone departing from or landing at Zurich Airport or picking someone up. By entering the flight information in the “Find a flight” field on the homepage, you will receive important information about both the flight and your stay at Zurich Airport. By clicking the relevant checkbox, passengers with children can see how and where to keep their children busy and entertained while waiting.

Now you can discover Zurich Airport digitally – try it out

In addition to these new functions, the entire website is now geared even more towards our passengers and visitors – by doing so, we want to create a unique experience for you.

So far so good – but now we’d like to ask you to discover the Zurich Airport website for yourself!

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