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ZRH Insider Card

ZRH Insider Card –obtain all your benefits quickly and conveniently

With the ZRH Insider Card, you’ve got a digital discount pass at the ready on your smartphone at all times.

Your key to attractive benefits

As an employee, you can enjoy numerous discounts, special offers and special events courtesy of our catering and retail partners at Zurich Airport and the Circle. Your key to these benefits is the ZRH Insider Card: activate your digital discount pass with just a few clicks, create a quick link on your smartphone and show the ZRH Insider Card before each purchase. 

You can find detailed instructions in the explanatory video below.

Your benefits

  • All employee discounts and partner news at a glance
  • Employee offers at over 100 partner companies (retail, gastronomy, service companies) at Zurich Airport
  • Regular special offers with up to 40% discount
  • Digital discount pass available at all times and for private use
How can I order the ZRH Insider Card for my employees?

Register your company at the ZRH Center, the digital online portal for Flughafen Zürich AG:

Once your registration has been accepted, enter the desired products (ID cards and keys landside) and tenant information (Circle tenants please specify "The Circle CO" and give the name of your property manager as the contact).

You will then be able to order the new "ZRH Insider Card" for your employees under "Orders". Once the order has been completed, your employees will receive all the information they need for their ZRH Insider Card by e–mail.

Frequently asked questions about the registration

I don’t receive an e-mail to confirm my registration on the Zurich Airport website.


  1. Check the Spam folder in your e–mail account.
  2. Register with a private e–mail address. 
With business e-mail addresses, some server settings may block receipt of the confirmation e–mail.

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