Autumn holidays at Zurich Airport


In some Swiss cantons, the autumn holidays start this weekend. Aside from the summer holidays, the autum holidays are one of the peak travel times in Switzerland and a comparable passenger volume as in summer is expected at Zurich Airport. What passengers need to know for their journey.

This autumn, destinations in southern Europe, in Germany, but also in the United States of America, are very popular. Among the most popular destinations are Antalya, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, San Francisco and New York. During the autumn holidays, waiting times at check-in, baggage claim or at the security checkpoint as well as at border control may occur during the daily peak times. 

Passengers are advised to arrive at Zurich Airport two hours before departure for European flights and three hours before departure for intercontinental flights. An earlier arrival is not necessary. Before arrival, passengers should check the opening hours of their check-in and their respective airline. Check-in operation starts at the earliest at 4:00 am. 


Relaxed travel thanks to good preparation 

Passengers who prepare well for their journey contribute significantly to smooth processes and a pleasant journey. Certain destinations still require proof of health due to Corona regulations. An early review or procurement of the corresponding documents is therefore recommended. Many airlines also offer evening or online check-in. Lufthansa Group passengers have access to 20 self bag drops at check-in 2 and 3. To use them, passengers must have already checked in online and hold a valid boarding pass. 

Self Bag Drop 

Departing passengers can also help shorten waiting times at security checkpoints by travelling with as little hand luggage as possible and by informing themselves in advance about what is allowed as hand luggage and in checked baggage and what is not. 

What can be included in your baggage 

Remember your flight 

On the airport's website, passengers can "get updates for the flight and thus receive regular status updates via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant. The messages contain information about the current waiting time at the security checkpoint, information about the gate and possible catering options on the way, as well as about the departure time of the respective flight. 

Record flight