Colorful herd of elephants visiting the Circle


As part of the "Elephant Parade Swiss Edition 2024", around 40 colourful elephant sculptures will be on display at the Circle at Zurich Airport in the coming weeks. On display are works by artists such as Phil Collins and Paul Smith. The exhibition is hosted by the agency Events in Motion by Claudia Knie.

The popular elephants can be found from 17 February to 1 April in the Circle alleys as well as in the associated park. Three elephants each can also be seen on the spectator terrace and in the airport shopping. Zurich Airport is the first stop on this year's Elephant Parade through Switzerland and was already part of the first Swiss staging of the world-famous exhibition in 2020.

Artists from all over the world

Once again this year, numerous artists and celebrities took part and some of them created new, original elephants. On display are works of art by Phil Collins, Paul Roberts, Paul Smith and Romero Britto, as well as talents from all over Switzerland such as Drüegg, Momo and many more. Also part of the herd is "Sky" - an elephant created especially for the last exhibition at the airport by Circle architect Riken Yamamoto. The painting is inspired by the façade of the Circle, in which the sky is reflected.

Exhibition for the benefit of species conservation

The aim of the initiators is to draw attention to the situation of endangered elephants with the travelling exhibition. The proceeds of the exhibition will be used to support projects that protect Asian elephants and their habitat. Visitors to the Airport Shopping have the opportunity to buy small figurines of the various elephants and thus contribute to the project.