Credit Rating

Zurich Airport Ltd.'s financing strategy is geared towards having access to the capital market at all times and therefore having a solid investment grade rating.


The rating agency Standard & Poor’s rates Zurich Airport Ltd. with an A+ rating (outlook stable). Additionally, the Swiss credit rating agency fedafin rates the company with an Aa- rating (outlook negative).

Credit analysts

Various analysts regularly publish assessments of the bonds of Zurich Airport Ltd. and publish studies on the expected course of business.

The following table shows a selection of these analysts – without claiming to be complete or up-to-date. The appraisals, valuations and expectations do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Zurich Airport Ltd. or the management.

For a copy of the study, please contact the analyst.

Research houseCredit analystPhone
Credit Suisse, ZürichAndrea Giuseppe Frey+41 44 333 79 31
Fedafin, WidnauRonny Schmoll+41 71 552 32 20
Standard & Poor’s, LondonAnnabelle Teo+39 342 956 57 44
UBS AG, ZürichAlexandra Bossert+41 44 239 14 76
Zürcher Kantonalbank, ZürichPatrick Hasenböhler+41 44 292 33 48