Key Figures August 2020

Traffic figures
725’337 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport in August (-76.7% vs. previous year). Local passengers decreased by -72.3% and transfer passengers decreased by -87.2%. The transfer rate, which was at 30.5% last August is at 16.8% in the month under review.

Air traffic movements
In August, air traffic movements decreased by -57.0% to 10’852 versus previous year. 

Traffic ratios
The average seat load factor saw a decrease of -25.0 percentage points to 58.5% and the average passenger per movement figure decreased to 94.4 (138.0 previous year).

Commercial Activities 
Total turnover in August was CHF 21.9m (-59.1% vs. previous year). The decrease divides into -72.0% for airside and -39.4% for landside.

For a detailed overview we refer to the attached document.

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