Key Figures March 2020

Traffic figures
890’134 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport in March (-63.2% vs. previous year). Local passengers decreased by -60.6% and transfer passengers decreased by -69.2%. The transfer rate, which was at 31.0% last March is at 26.0% in the month under review.

Air traffic movements
In March, air traffic movements decreased by -49.5% to 11’135 versus previous year. 

Traffic ratios
The average seat load factor saw a decrease of -19.0 percentage points to 56.5% and the average passenger per movement figure decreased to 97.6 (124.5 previous year).

Commercial Activities 
Total turnover in March was CHF 20.5m (-55.5% vs. previous year). The decrease divides into -64.7% for airside and -42.3% for landside.

In the first two weeks of April, the number of air traffic movements and passengers have further decreased with a reduction of more than 95% compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, Zurich Airport remains open and ensures the connection of Switzerland to the world. Thereby, the repatriation flight program organized by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) can be realized and certain international routes are still maintained, amongst others to Frankfurt (Lufthansa), London (SWISS), Helsinki (Finnair) and Amsterdam (KLM). Furthermore, ambulance flights are carried out, and the logistics chain can be maintained due to cargo transport.

For a detailed overview we refer to the attached document.

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