Key Figures May 2020 and Results Annual General Meeting 2020

In May, 43'852 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport, which corresponds to a decrease of 98.4% compared to the same period last year. At today’s Annual General Meeting of Flughafen Zürich AG, all items on the agenda were approved in accordance with the proposals of the Board of Directors.

Local passengers decreased by 98.1% to 36’902 in May 2020. The transfer rate is at 12.5% in the month under review (-15.6 percentage points vs. previous year) and transfer passengers decreased by 99.3% to 5’310.

In May 2020, air traffic movements decreased to 3’062 (-87.5% vs. previous year). The average passenger per movement figure decreased to 64.3 (-48.7% vs. previous year). The average seat load factor is at 35.0% (-41.5 percentage points vs. previous year).

In May 2020, a total of 18’903 tons of freight were transported at Zurich Airport. This corresponds to a decrease in freight volume of 50.3% compared to last year.

Slow recovery since June
After some airlines have partially resumed its flight operations and shops, especially on landside, have reopened, a slow recovery is becoming apparent at Zurich Airport. Passenger volumes and the number of flight movements have been increasing since the beginning of June. From an operational and commercial perspective, Zurich Airport is prepared to gradually ramp up operations and works closely with the airport partners to ensure safe and efficient operations. While it is not yet possible to provide guidance for the expected traffic volumes for the current year, it is currently estimated that the pre-crisis level will be reached again in 2023.

Annual General Meeting 2020
Flughafen Zürich AG's Annual General Meeting 2020 was held today without physical attendance of the shareholders. All items on the agenda were approved in accordance with the proposals of the Board of Directors, including the waiving of the dividends due to the current situation and to preserve liquidity. The members of the Board of Directors, Corine Mauch, Guglielmo Brentel, Josef Felder, Stephan Gemkow and Andreas Schmid (Chairman) were re-elected for another year. The delegated representatives of the Canton of Zurich on the Board of Directors are the responsible Economic Director Carmen Walker Späh, Eveline Saupper and Vincent Albers.

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Current flights and destinations
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