Key traffic figures May 2022


In May 2022, 1,940,373 passengers passed through Zurich Airport, which represents a quadrupling of passenger numbers compared to the same period last year. Passenger levels are 71% of those reached in May 2019.

In May, the number of local passengers was 1,420,943. Transfer passengers amounted to 26%, equal to 510,328 passengers. 

Year on year, air traffic movements increased by 152% to 20,237 take offs or landings. A monthly comparison shows that air traffic movements are at 83% of the 2019 level. The average passenger per movement figure increased to 120 (+30% vs. previous year). The average seat load factor was at 74% (+20 percentage points vs. previous year). 

A total of 35,521 tons of freight were transported at Zurich Airport during the month of May. This led to an increase in freight volume of 6% compared to last year. Compared to May 2019, freight volume decreased by 7%. 

Preparing for the summer holidays 

Compared to spring 2022, passenger numbers at Zurich Airport are expected to continue to rise during the summer vacations. Many countries have lifted their pandemic-related travel restrictions, and passengers' desire to travel is returning. At Zurich Airport, we are prepared for the summer travel season. In principle, there are enough staff on duty to handle the expected volume of flights. We are in active communication with our airport partners to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible. 

Nevertheless, there may be waiting times during peak traffic times on peak days. Passengers can actively help to reduce waiting times. We recommend arriving at the airport up to three hours before departure and preparing well for the trip. This includes getting information early about the applicable regulations in the destination country and having the necessary documents ready at check-in. It is also advisable to use the evening-before or online check-in and to follow the rules about what can and cannot go in your luggage. Traveling with less hand luggage also shortens the process at the security check.