Key traffic figures September 2021


In September 2021, 1’383’209 passengers passed through Zurich Airport, corresponding to an increase of 157.9% compared to last year. Compared to September 2019, passenger numbers are at 47.9% for the month of September.

Passenger traffic at Zurich Airport remained at a high level in September, even after the summer holidays. In September, the number of local passengers was 1’030’411. Transfer passengers amounted to 25.0%, equal to 344’142 passengers. Year on year, air traffic movements increased by 67.3% to 16’068 take offs or landings. Compared to September 2019, air traffic movements decreased by 34.1%.

The average passenger per movement figure increased to 116.3 (+41.8% vs. previous year). The average seat load factor was at 71.0% (+21.0 percentage points vs. previous year).

A total of 34’158 tons of freight were transported at Zurich Airport during the month of September. This led to an increase in freight volume of 47.8% compared to last year. Compared to September 2019, freight volume decreased by 6.2%.

Autumn holidays 2021

For the autumn holiday weeks, a similarly high volume of traffic is expected as during the summer holidays. On peak days, the airport operator expects around 70,000 passengers. The expected passenger volume corresponds to approx. 65% on individual days compared to the pre-crisis period.

Passengers are asked to prepare well for their trip. This includes, among other things, informing themselves well in advance about the travel regulations in the destination country, arriving at the airport already tested if necessary, and having all the necessary travel documents ready at the check-in.