Night-time construction and maintenance work at Zurich Airport


Construction and maintenance work is carried out regularly at Zurich Airport. Owing to ongoing flight operations, certain tasks have to be carried out during the night in 2023 too.

The runways, taxiways and apron areas at Zurich Airport are subject to heavy use. This results in wear and tear on the surface areas that has to be rectified by means of construction and maintenance work. In order not to overly disrupt flight operations, certain tasks have to be carried out at night. 

Runway renovation work 

This year, work involves resurfacing runway 14-32 in June 2023 and completing the renovation of runway 10-28 between April and September 2023. 
The 4 cm-thick surface on runway 14-32 will be replaced in the heavily used section between the touchdown zone and the main taxiway in 10 night-time stages. During the same time, the defective asphalt surface at the southern end of runway 14-32, spanning an area of approx. 1000 m2, will be replaced with concrete. 
Following the completion last year of the main renovation of runway 10-28, small-scale completion tasks on the whole runway will have to be carried out this year. 

General maintenance work 

Maintenance work is also being carried out on the entire airport site. Only those maintenance tasks that involve critical spots and that would have a disproportionate impact on flight operations will be performed at night. 
Flughafen Zürich AG endeavours to minimise noise and environmental impact for all work carried out.