Noise protection hangar at Zurich Airport back in operation


During an engine run-up test in the noise protection hangar at Zurich Airport on 3 December 2021, insulating material detached from the walls. As a result, the hangar needed to be closed for partial refurbishment. It has now resumed operation.

In an incident last December, parts of the sound-absorbing structure in the noise protection hangar were destroyed, leaving it requiring extensive refurbishment. 

Following a prolonged analysis phase, the technical design team scheduled the hangar's reconstruction. The structure was extensively redesigned and reinforced at critical points. The hangar recommenced operation on 5 October 2022. Due to the incident, engine run-up testing at Zurich Airport had to be conducted outdoors during the intervening period. 

The noise protection hangar at Zurich Airport was built in 2014. It is financed from the Zurich Airport noise fund and serves to protect people in neighbouring communities from noise emissions due to engine run-up testing. It is one of just a handful of such facilities worldwide.