SAP, Hyatt International and other New Tenants for THE CIRCLE

The new destination for Zurich welcomes new tenants to THE CIRCLE community. Further partners were found over the last few weeks. The staggered opening begins in September 2020.

SAP Switzerland will be relocating their Zurich headquarters to a space of over 4,500 m2 in THE CIRCLE. One of the reasons behind the decision in favour of the new site was to offer employees, clients and partners a modern, futuristic work environment at Switzerland’s best-connected location.

Managing Director SAP Switzerland, Michael Locher-Tjoa: “THE CIRCLE is well on the way to becoming one of the most innovative and futuristic destinations in Switzerland. It reflects our vision of an attractive, sustainable location with excellent transport links and an ultramodern infrastructure.”

Hyatt International has also opted to transfer their headquarters for Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southwest Asia (EAME/SWA) to THE CIRCLE. As widely reported, Hyatt will be operating the two hotels in THE CIRCLE as well as the Convention Centre. The international hotel group’s EAME/SWA headquarters will be situated directly above the Convention Centre.

In addition to the two new tenants in the Headquarters & Offices module, in the course of the past few weeks new contracts were concluded with family-run hairdressing business DLUX HAIR, Valora Switzerland AG, Läderach (Switzerland) AG and CC Swiss AG. Valora will be implementing an innovative convenience concept under the “avec” brand, offering THE CIRCLE visitors and staff fresh and regional products. CC Swiss AG will be operating an outpatient cosmetic clinic under the “CC Aesthetic” brand. Läderach will in future be offering national and international guests the finest of Swiss chocolate at the most central of locations in THE CIRCLE.

About THE CIRCLE – opening in September 2020
THE CIRCLE will become a central attraction that shapes and strengthens Zurich Airport. From September 2020, it will be possible to hold conferences for up to 2,500 guests directly at Switzerland’s largest national airport. An outpatient healthcare centre run by the University Hospital of Zurich, two Hyatt Group hotels, various brand worlds, attractive office space, and arts, culture, restaurants and education facilities will round out the wide range at Zurich Airport. THE CIRCLE will thus enrich the whole region, both culturally and economically. 
The new destination is due to open in stages from September 2020. With THE CIRCLE, the airport operator and Swiss Life are achieving densification at a location with excellent connections. Flughafen Zürich AG and Swiss Life AG have formed a joint ownership company, with Flughafen Zürich AG holding a 51% stake and Swiss Life AG 49%.