The Circle: more office tenants and a new bodega concept


With other nationally and internationally established companies opting for office space in the Circle, the office areas are almost fully let. Visitors can also look forward to a new gastronomy format: the Leon's Loft restaurant is being expanded to include a bodega with a wine shop.

Since its opening three years ago, the Circle at Zurich Airport has developed into a successful service and business center. In the current year, further companies will move into the Circle and existing tenants will expand their space

Office space almost fully let

With Be-Terna, another internationally established company has chosen the Circle as the location for its office space. BE-terna Part of Telefónica Tech is a leading provider of Microsoft cloud solutions. The move is planned for Q4/2024. In addition, the CSS Group and Grenkeleasing AG, among others, will finalize the expansion of their office space as planned over the course of the year. Novo Nordisk and Inventx, two companies already rented in the Circle, will expand their space in the first half of 2024. With these new tenants and extensions, the office space will soon be fully let, with an occupancy rate of around 95%.

New bodega concept at Leon's Loft

Leon's Loft has been part of the Circle's gastronomic operations since 2020. Thanks to its successful development, the restaurant will expand its premises in early summer to include the space directly next door. The additional space will be used to create a bodega concept with integrated wine sales, in collaboration with Zurich winery Smith & Smith. In addition to the existing terrace on the main square, further outdoor seating areas will also be created in the alley. Leon's Loft offers feel-good food from early to late in an uncomplicated atmosphere. In addition to gourmet burgers and bowls, they also offer finger food and aperitifs.

Flooat reopening

The health and wellness offering at the Circle is also being expanded. The Flooat floating center opens its doors in the Circle in February. The floating center offers a unique relaxation method: floating in a brine of water and salt, the body experiences weightlessness through natural buoyancy, which relieves the joints and organs.

Changes to the lane areas

With the departure of Neuroth, Bruno Wickart and Jelmoli, there will be further adjustments to the existing concept of the alley areas over the next two years. Jelmoli will operate its stores in the Circle until the end of 2024, from March in the form of an outlet. Talks are currently being held with various potential new tenants.