Three urban art works for Zurich Airport


Over the past few months, three urban art works have been created in the underground passage between Airport Shopping and Circle. From the four seasons of Switzerland to a woman diving into an underwater world to a cycle of day and night: the artworks by three different Swiss artists make the connecting tunnel more attractive and make it easier to find your way.


Three Swiss artists were engaged for the project: Onur Dinic, Fabian BANE Florin and Sarah SAFU Furrer. SAFU's and ONUR's artworks were painted with a brush, BANE sprays his murals. To let them work as freely as possible in their creativity, they were given generic terms to work with, including "urban", "encounter", "connectedness" and "circle". All artists worked on their murals for between ten and twelve days.

Improved wayfinding 

At the end of February, the last of the urban art murals was finalized in the tunnel between Airport Shopping and Circle. "With the murals, we want to improve wayfinding from Airport Shopping into the Circle and make the path more aesthetically pleasing. We are also happy to welcome new guests who come to Zurich Airport specifically to see the newly created artworks," says Coralie Klaus Boecker, Head Marketing & Digital Flughafen Zürich AG. This is not the first time art has found space in the Circle. From September to December, elementum.art was present in the Circle with an NFT gallery as a pop-up. As part of the "Art and Culture" module, there are plans to further develop the Circle as a place for art. 

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About Urban Art

Urban Art is a term for art that is created in public spaces. The art form mainly exists in the urban context and therefore fits the Circle as a new, urban neighbourhood within Zurich Airport.