Filming & photography at Zurich Airport

Application for a filming or photography permit at Zurich Airport

Application for journalists

Application for all other film and photography permits


A unique backdrop

Zurich Airport boasts fascinating scenery, award winning architecture and international flair. A truly unique backdrop for photographs and films. A permit is required for filming or photography in all areas. 

The airport is divided into the two areas: 

  • Landside, public area 
  • Airside, non-public area (after security check) 


The landside area is open to the general public and includes: 

  • Airport Shopping 
  • Check-in areas 1 – 3 
  • Arrival halls 1 & 2 
  • Circle and Park 
  • Observation Deck B 
  • Car parks 
  • Departure and arrival level ramp 
  • Zurich Airport SBB train station 
  • Bus station (bus & streetcar stop) 

Whether an accompaniment by airport personnel is necessary in the landside area depends on the scope of the filming & photography and the number of participants. If an accompaniment is necessary, the recordings are subject to a fee. 


The airside area is the restricted area after the security check and includes: 

  • Airside Center 
  • Dock A, B/D & E and the corresponding gates 
  • Tarmac 
  • Luggage belts

Accompaniment by airport staff is obligatory in the airside area and therefore subject to a fee.



Charges apply to filming/photography in all areas of Zurich Airport carried out for commercial or advertising purposes, including cinema and TV films, as well as for corporate image brochures and annual reports. 
Charges do not apply to filming/photography intended to provide the general public with news or current affairs.

Charges for commercial filming/photography


Important information

  • Unless required for reporting news or current affairs: 
    • Requests for photo shoots must be lodged no later than 2 weeks in advance. 
    • Requests for film shoots must be lodged no later than 4 weeks in advance. 
  • Short-term requests for accompaniment (less than 2 weeks) in the non-public area will be charged with a handling fee of CHF 100.- 
  • For operational reasons, extensive feature film or advertising recordings with more than 20 people can only be approved in individual cases. 
  • If additional airport partners are involved, a request must be lodged separately with each company. 
  • For shoots involving airport staff, their permission and that of the airport partner must be obtained. 
  • Airport operations and passenger flows must not be obstructed in any way. No areas may be closed off. 


Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist: 
+41 43 816 21 56 
 Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 11:00 am and 14:00 - 16:00 pm