Zurich Airport launches online magazine


Airport fans, travellers and interested parties can now find even more exciting and informative stories about flight operations, sustainability, experiences and people on the website.

With the online magazine, Flughafen Zürich AG has created a digital platform on which new multimedia stories, portraits and tips from the airport world are constantly being published. 

Multimedial stories in five sections

The magazine is divided into five sections: The "Aviation" section sheds light on airport operations, explains complex relationships and introduces the fascination of the airport and flying, for example with tips on how to become a successful spotter. In the "Sustainability" section, environmental projects are presented and new developments such as alternative fuels are explained. The "Experiences" section mainly offers recommendations for the excursion destination Zurich Airport and a better travel experience. In the "People" section, exciting personalities talk about their diverse working environment. Political framework conditions and the development of the airport as a business location are among other topics in the "Politics" section.

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The variety of topics is broad and the stories can be sorted according to sections and shared with one click on various personal communication channels of the readers. New stories are regularly published in the magazine, which is available in German only. Access is free of charge and possible without registration. Interested parties can also subscribe to the magazine newsletter so that they never miss a new airport story. 

Link to the magazine (German only)