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Unique News-Flash No. 27: Quality improvements for passengers at Zurich Airport / Loan to SWISS

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Zurich Airport, 9th December 2004 - Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) and Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. improve their cooperation. SWISS passengers will directly benefit from a new stand and gate allocation concept, which will be operational by the beginning of the summer time table 2005. The airport operator also will grant SWISS a loan of 15 million Swiss francs for up to three years, thereby underlining its confidence in the future of its home carrier.
Following the completion of the infrastructural improvements of the 5th expansion phase, Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) enhances user friendliness for passengers at Zurich Airport. As of summer time table, the A-gates will primarily be used for European SWISS flights. SWISS long-haul flights will solely arrive at and depart from Dock E. While the new concept provides for shorter connecting times and a more efficient use of the new infrastructure at Zurich Airport, the clear gate allocation results in a more calculable and reliable airport for passengers of all airlines. Skymetro, the underground connecting the Dock E to the main airport complex, has reached a reliability record high of 99.83% in November 2004. A further enhancement of passenger comfort will be the introduction of the so called Long Loop at the beginning of 2005.
Thanks to the new infrastructure and the new airside user concept, Zurich Airport is quality-wise among the best in Europe, thereby contributing to the strength and attractiveness of Switzerland as a location. Independently of the new stand and gate allocation concept, Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) grants Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. a loan of 15 million Swiss francs. The loan, which is priced at market conditions, has a maturity of three years and is immediately available. The grant of the loan underlines the confidence of Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) in the future of SWISS.

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