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Unique News Flash No. 15 - Valuation method to evaluate a potential loss of value of properties presented

Diese News ist nur in Englisch vorhanden.
The method (which is called MIFLU) is based on a hedonic property valuation model and estimates a potential loss of value of properties affected by aircraft noise, based on comparable transactions.
The method only relates to properties in which the property owner himself resides and not to yield properties. Such properties might account for approx. 50 – 60% of all related cases. The MIFLU method will be used by Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) in the trial case of the community of Opfikon (which will start 3 November) for the first time. Whether the results of the method will be accepted by the claimants or the respective courts remains to be seen. The method does not change the overall assumptions in regard of potential costs in regard of formal expropriations.
Please find further information in regard of the method under: www.unique.ch/fluglaerm
We apologise that this additional information is available in German only.

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