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Unique News Flash No. 1 / Zurich Airport Key Figures - December 2006

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Traffic Figures
During December 2006 1'500’119 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport, a gain of 13.3% versus December 2005. For the full year 2006, passenger figures increased by 1’352’654 or 7.6% to 19’237’216. In 2006, SWISS transported 1.20 million more passengers, whereof 0.76 million additional transfer passengers, resulting in a market share rise of 3 percentage points to 53%. Air Berlin added 261’000 passengers, followed by Lufthansa (+150’000), Edelweiss (+124’000), Air Canada (+110’000) and Spanair (+75’000). Transfer passengers are up by 29.2% to 532’074 in December. The 15.7% year to date increase to 6’114’226 transfer passengers points out a further strengthening of Zurich’s hub function. The transfer rate which was at 29.6% for the full year 2005 and 31.2% in December 2005, is currently back at 35.5% in December and at 31.9% for the full year 2006. O/D passengers (originating or departing from Zurich) have risen by 6.4% to 953’048 versus previous December. For the full year 2006 O/D passengers have risen by 3.8% to 12’942’023. The highest YTD contribution was brought along by SWISS (+10.1%).
The 2005 low cost market share is 8.5% (8.0% previous year). Air Berlin has the largest stake of 59.0%, followed by Helvetic Airways (18.5%), Germanwings (9.9%) and Fly Niki (9.3%). Air Traffic Movements (atm’s) decreased by 0.1% to 19’971 in December versus previous year.
YTD air traffic movements went down by 2.5% to 260’786. Rising passenger numbers and steady movement figures resulted in a higher YTD average passenger per movement figure which rose from 78.0 in 2005 to 87.4 in 2006 and was induced one hand by the average seat load factor which rose from 66.7% in 2005 to 69.8% in 2006 and on the other hand by an increase in average seats per flight from 117 to 126. Despite rising exports, Freight figures saw a decrease of 2.4% from 372’415 tons in 2005 to 363’325 tons in 2006.
Commercial Activities
Total turnover (net sales to consumers) during December 36.3m CHF (+13.7%), cumulative figures show an increase of +11.6% versus previous year to a total of 390.5m CHF. Turnover per departing pax in December was CHF 48.36, which is 0.4% over last year. Year to date key figure is CHF 40.60 (+3.8%).

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