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Unique News Flash No. 19 / Recognition of the importance of Zurich Airport

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Recognition of the importance of Zurich Airport
Today, Zurich’s electorate voted clearly in favour of the more moderate of the two airport initiatives. By rejecting the unrealistic initiative that called for a ceiling on flight movements and a lengthier night-time curfew, the electorate has acknowledged the major economic importance of the airport, both for the canton and for the country as a whole.
This result means that Zurich Airport can continue to develop in line with future mobility requirements. Thanks to this outcome, future debate will no longer only focus on the number of flight movements per se, but also on those people who are exposed to aircraft noise.
It is now essential that the federal government and relevant authorities of the canton of Zurich incorporate the development of area planning in the region of the airport into the federal government’s Civil Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SIL). This is the only way to ensure that the number of people exposed to aircraft noise does not continually rise, even without an increase in the number of flight movements.

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