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Unique News Flash No. 29 / Media Releases on Civil Aviation Infrastructure Plan and NAP

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Media Releases of the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), published today, July 3
We would like to inform you about the following two topics communicated today by the DETEC : Civil Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SIL process): missed opportunity
The Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (so called SIL) is the federal governments' regional planning tool over a 25-year horizon. The SIL process aims at securing regional areas which may be fundamental for future airport development purposes from being used for other needs. The current SIL process is in progress under the lead of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) since 2004. Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) and the canton of Zurich are involved as project partners. The airport operator mainly assists as a technical advisor.
The decision communicated today by the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) has no influence on operations at Zurich Airport, neither today nor in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the maximum annual capacity of approximately 350'000 air traffic movements (approx. 270'000 movements are currently registered annually) might be reached potentially in the year 2020, depending on the growth rate at Zurich airport. By then, further sustainable growth will only be possible after introduction of a parallel runway system or new flight routings not in use today. This decision on regional planning does not secure the option of a parallel runway.
The future construction of parallel runways in order to meet future mobility needs of both the economy and the society might be more expensive due to expected compensations for additional expropriations and relocations, following this federal decision. Although the decision has no short to medium term economic impact on Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG), it will hinder the long term sustainable development of Swiss civil aviation.
NAP (Northern Approach over Swiss territory): rejection of application incomprehensible
Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) intended to introduce the NAP in order to relieve densely populated areas which were affected by the introduction of approaches from the south in October 2004. Due to a weather dependent visual final approach, the NAP would not have been able to fully replace approaches from the south. Nevertheless, the relieve would have been substantial to ease the burden on the population in the south of the airport.
As a matter of fact, due to its lower capacity, the NAP would not have produced any operational but only political benefits. Despite this fact, Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) invested a lot of energy for implementing the NAP. As the current outcome was to be expected, the herewith incurred costs were attributed to and written off in financial year 2007.

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