Various air freight options

At Zurich Airport, your freight is handled professionally, competently and with a high level of service by cargo handling companies Cargologic, Swissport and Dnata. The freight security check employs x-rays, trace detectors and other recognised methods. In addition, the transfer times are extremely short owing to the size of Zurich Airport.

air freight at Zurich Airport

Special goods

Special infrastructures are available for special goods such as valuables and securities, pharmaceuticals, fresh products, live animals and post. There are representatives on site for all relevant authorities, such as customs, plant protection, and veterinary and precious metal inspection.

  • Freight regulation at Zurich Airport (pdf, German only)
  • Swiss Federal Customs Administration
  • Border veterinary inspector
  • Plant Health
  • Cargohandling Cargologic
  • Cargohandling Swissport
  • Cargohandling Dnata

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