General information

The ground handling market at Zurich Airport was deregulated on the basis of Directive 96/67/EC. Market access to ground handling services is governed by Annex 4 of the Operating Regulations for Zurich Airport.

Following an application and corresponding approval by Flughafen Zürich AG, any interested parties may offer ground handling services at Zurich Airport. Exceptions apply to the restricted fields of freight handling, apron services and baggage handling.

For ground handling authorisations, a distinction is made between self-handling and third-party handling authorisations. These can be applied for either for scheduled and charter flights, for general and business aviation, or for both together.

Documents available for download

  • Third Party Authorisation (pdf, German)
  • Third party handling authorization application (doc, German only)
  • Terminal Regulation (pdf)
  • Planning and Usage Regulations Handling Desks (pdf)
  • Regulation on aviation infrastructure (VIL), (German only)
  • EU Councile Directive 96/67/EC
  • Customs regulations
  • Service providers at Zurich Airport

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