Important dock, flexibly built

The Dock B alteration scheme is a key part of the «Zürich 2010» umbrella project, which aims to reinforce Zurich Airport's credentials as a quality airport following implementation of the Schengen Agreement.

Dock B at Zurich Airport has been used as a finger-type dock since 2011, following its comprehensive refurbishment. The revamped dock, serving up to nine aircraft stands, allows flexible handling of Schengen and non-Schengen flights. The observation deck was reopened, following an upgrade, and visitors are provided with a range of services, including bus tours of the airport.

Prominent architectural features include the glass facade, light wells, roof construction and observation walkways. The crisp architecture of Dock B is a further incarnation of the «Swissness» celebrated by Zurich Airport. Through its clarity, transparency and spacious feel, Dock B emulates the formal language of the surrounding buildings and blends seamlessly into the airport ensemble. Particularly important is the response to the Airside Center, whose materiality is also mirrored inside the building. Dock B excels through its sustainable construction and offers high amenity for passengers. 

Dock B under construction.