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Airport history –from past to present

You will find Zurich Airport's milestones in the timeline.

The emergence of Zurich Airport

Since 2000, Flughafen Zürich AG has operated Zurich Airport as a privatised listed company on behalf of the Swiss Confederation.


February 3
Airport operator sets up a coronavirus task force.

March 2
Construction work in the second phase of Zone West commences; existing apron expanded by approx. ten hectares.

March 16
The Federal Council rates the situation in Switzerland as an “extraordinary situation” in accordance with the Epidemics Act, resulting in the temporary closure of shops, restaurants and services at Zurich Airport. Dramatic fall-off in air traffic, partial closure of unused airport infrastructure. 

March 18
Swiss moves most of its short-haul and medium-haul fleet temporarily to Dübendorf Airport.

March 19
Flughafen Zürich AG introduces short-time working and working from home.
The FDFA organises the biggest repatriation campaign to date to return Swiss travellers to Switzerland.

May 26
Flughafen Zürich AG moves to its new head office as the first tenant of the Circle.

The airport offers nature reserve hikes next to the runway.

June 26
Four of the five buildings at the Circle are successfully rented out.

July 1
The 2010 and 2015 sound insulation programmes are merged under the name “Zurich Airport sound insulation programme” and the range of services is expanded.

August 21
Flughafen Zürich AG publishes its interim results. Compared to a profit of CHF 143.4 million in the first six months of 2019, the result for the first half of 2020 was a loss of CHF 27.5 million.

August 6
The government amends the list of quarantine countries again in the middle of the summer holidays. Air traffic then suffers another slump.

October 1
Together with the Children’s Hospital and the Balgrist University Clinic, the University Hospital Zurich opens an outpatient clinic at the Circle.
The airport’s ranger programme, one-of-a-kind worldwide, is launched.

October 7
Flughafen Zürich AG signs the concession arrangement for the operation of Noida International Airport in India.

November 5
The Circle and the surrounding park are opened.

November 26
Fast coronavirus tests are available at Zurich Airport.

December 20
Owing to a mutation of the coronavirus, the Federal Council imposes a temporary ban on flights arriving from the UK and South Africa.

December 22
The Federal Council orders restaurants and leisure centres to close.

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