Aircraft noise measurements at Zurich Airport

Flughafen Zurich AG is measuring aircraft noise at 14 fixed monitoring terminals.

The current Airport Track And Noise Monitoring System (ATANOMS) has been in operation since 2008. This system links the noise and weather data at the monitoring stations with the radar data from air traffic control and the airport's own flight plan data. At the same time, the monitoring stations are constantly observed. Aircraft noise around Zurich Airport has been recorded since 1966.

The microphones at the monitoring stations permanently record all of the noises at their respective locations. Every noise event that is monitored must be assigned to a flight movement to distinguish aircraft noise from the rest of the ambient noise. In principle, this is done automatically by ATANOMS. However, if aircraft noise events are not linked for technical reasons, these are then manually assigned to the flight movements that caused them when the data is subsequently processed. Moreover, the system sometimes mistakenly assigns other sources of noise to a flight movement, including rail traffic, church bells or noises caused by strong winds. These are subsequently manually "unlinked" from the aircraft, ensuring that only aircraft noise events are included when calculating the exposure to aircraft noise.

The results from these measurements are published in the monthly noise reports. In addition, average peak levels per aircraft type are determined for each monitoring station. These form the basis for calculating the noise charge framework, which is intended to encourage airlines to operate the quietest possible aircraft on their Zurich routes.

Aircraft Noise Map

The aircraft noise exposure at Zurich Airport is calculated by EMPA and shown in noise exposure maps. The noise levels of all overflights are averaged over the whole year. The areas colored in red, yellow and green represent those areas in which the calculated aircraft noise exposure exceeds the limit values. However, aircraft noise can also be perceived outside of these colored areas. The legal terms, calculation rules and limit values are defined in the Noise Abatement Ordinance, see also the glossary.

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Airport Zurich AG measures currently the aircraft noise with 14 fixed monitoring terminals.

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