An overview of the benefits

You benefit from an international environment that offers you a state-of-the-art infrastructure, short and efficient distances and optimum transport connections to the greater Zurich area. Regardless of the size of your company, the business location Zurich Airport offers you and your staff countless advantages.

Location benefits

  • International atmosphere
  • Efficiency thanks to short distances
  • Optimum transport connections to the city of Zurich and all of Switzerland
  • Comprehensive facility management
  • Conference Center in an airport hotel
  • The Circle Convention Center Zurich Airport
  • VIP Service
  • Several parking opportunities for your employees and customers

Benefits for employees

  • Over 30 restaurants, cafés and bars
  • Discounted parking
  • A variety of staff restaurants
  • Around 70 business with a large selection: food, fashion, services and much more
  • Shops and restaurants are open daily, even on Sundays and holidays
  • Discounts for employees
  • Gym
  • Medical services
  • Discover nature in the adjoining park

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