1. General section

1.1. Scope
These General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") of Flughafen Zürich AG ("FZAG") apply to the use of the e-commerce platform, the parking booking system and the services and products offered by FZAG ("online products"). Any conditions of the customer that contradict or deviate from these GTC will not be recognised, unless FZAG has given its explicit consent in writing. The current, binding version of the GTC will be published on the Website of FZAG. A written copy can be obtained from FZAG. These GTC may be amended by FZAG at any time without prior notice.

1.2. Conclusion of the contract
All online-products and prices published on the Website of FZAG are deemed to be an offer of FZAG. By sending the booking to FZAG the customer accepts the offer. As soon as FZAG confirms the booking and its details by e-mail, the contract with the confirmed content enters into force.

FZAG is entitled to provide travel-related services by third parties.

1.3. FZAG's liability
Within the limitations of the law, FZAG accepts no liability for injuries and/or damage to the vehicle or other property of the holder of a booking.

FZAG is not liable for services provided by third parties acting as subcontractors providing travel-related services (e.g. Lounge reservation). FZAG assigns claims in its favour in respect of a third party to the customer.

1.4. Promotions
Discounts are based on standard parking or product rates (excluding taxes and other fees) as published on the FZAG website. The promotion may be withdrawn early or additional restrictions applied at any time without notice. Only one promotion code is redeemable per booking. The discount can only be redeemed via the e-commerce platform or the parking booking system and is only valid for online products of FZAG. The equivalent monetary value of the discount cannot be paid out nor can it be credited against any other charge. The promotion code is transferable.

1.5. Extraordinary termination
In the event of conduct in breach of the law or the contract, FZAG is entitled to terminate all contracts with the customer without notice and without compensation and to discontinue providing the services. FZAG reserves the right to claim damages. 

1.6. Data protection
The provisions of the Data Protection Act are observed by FZAG (see also the Protection Declaration of Flughafen Zürich AG).

1.7. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
This agreement is exclusively governed by Swiss law without regard to conflict of law provisions and the provisions of the UN Sales Convention. The place of jurisdiction shall be the place where Flughafen Zürich AG has its registered office.

2. Parking Products

2.1. Content of the contract
Upon conclusion of the contract (booking) the customer acquires the right to park his/her vehicle for the agreed booking period in the specified car park (car park or parking space). The customer is not entitled to claim a specific parking space.
The prices shown at the time of booking are only valid if the advance booking is made via the FZAG online booking system and apply exclusively to the booked period. Multiple entry and exit with the same booking is not possible. The costs of parking (parking rates) at Zurich Airport depend on the location, duration and time of booking.

2.2. Terms of payment
The parking charge is payable immediately at the time of booking using the payment methods indicated in the payment process. The amount appears on the customer's credit card statement with the note "PARKING RESERVATION, ZURICH". A parking space can be booked up to one hour before the planned time.

2.3. Parking duration
If the customer exceeds the contractually agreed parking time, the additional time until the customer exits the car park will be charged based on the applicable rates. If the customer leaves the car park before the end of the contractually agreed parking time, he will not be entitled to claim reimbursement of or credit for the charge for the time not used. Likewise, the customer may not claim reimbursement for a fee or credit for parking time not used if he did not actually make use of the booking/reservation. FZAG may request that the customer pay a handling fee for reimbursements.

FZAG is obliged to make the parking space available 3 hours before the agreed entry time and for up to 3 hours after the booked exit time. If the customer wishes to enter the car park more than 3 hours before the contractually agreed time, FZAG may refuse him entry.

FZAG is entitled to remove the vehicle or have it removed after the end of the agreed parking duration at the customer's cost and risk if the customer has not left the car park by no later than 24 hours after the agreed exit time.

2.4. Booking changes / Cancellations / extend stay
Rebooking is possible at any time until the booked entry time. Price changes can occur due to the dynamic pricing. In case of a rebooking the customer will receive a new booking confirmation.
Cancellations are only possible with the cancellation protection that can be booked in addition. If no cancellation protection has been booked, a free cancellation is not possible. The customer sees the Cancellation conditions in the product overview and in the booking confirmation.
Parking duration extensions after entry are possible until the originally booked exit time. Price changes are possible due to the extended parking duration and dynamic pricing. In case of parking duration extension after entry, the customer will receive a confirmation with the same booking number.

2.5. Rules for use
The FZAG parking regulations apply to the use of the car parks and parking spaces.


3. ZRH Comfort products

3.1. Content of the contract
Upon conclusion of the contract (booking), the customer acquires the right to use the booked ZRH Comfort product to the contractually agreed extent for the specified persons during the period of use. 

ZRH Comfort products can only be used by customers who have a valid boarding pass for the booked date.
The price and extent of the product is determined by the description on the FZAG website:

3.2. Terms of payment
The product fare is due immediately upon booking using the payment methods indicated in the payment process. The amount appears on the customer's credit card statement under the reference "ZRH Comfort". The booking of a ZRH Comfort product is possible at the earliest 90 days before the desired departure date.

3.3. Duration of use
The customer is entitled to use the ZRH Comfort product on the booked date a maximum of three hours before the time of departure until the time of departure.

3.4. Booking changes / Cancellations
The name of the passengers for ZRH Comfort bookings provided must match the information in the passport.

Name changes for existing ZRH Comfort bookings can be made up to two hours before the scheduled departure time via the e-commerce platform. 

By changing the name, a booked ZRH Comfort product can be transferred to another person if this person has a valid boarding pass for the same flight. 

Changes require a registered profile with the same e-mail address as the e-mail address provided as the contact when the original booking was made. If ordered as a guest, a profile must be subsequently created with the same email address as the original booking.

Free (partial) cancellations are only possible up to a maximum of 24 hours before departure. Less than 24 hours before departure, the product can only be cancelled free of charge if the flight has been cancelled and the product has not yet been used by the customer. In case of cancellation, the product fare will be refunded to the customer's means of payment. The customer will see the cancellation conditions in the product overview as well as in the booking confirmation.

Rebookings (e.g. change of travel dates) are not possible. However, the product can be cancelled free of charge at least 24 hours before the initial departure and booked for a new travel date.

3.5. Rules for use
The general site regulations of Fughafen Zürich AG apply

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