Carriage of laser pointers

The possession and carrying of laser pointers (incl. presenters) with the exception of class 1 is prohibited in Switzerland according to Swiss legislation. These items will be confiscated at the security control checkpoints.

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The films and information below will help you to get through security checks more quickly. Under the tab "What's allowed in your baggage», you will also find a search function for permitted and prohibited items.

The right way to pack

Check in advance what should go in your checked baggage and what should go in your hand baggage. For safety reasons, certain items are not permitted on flights at all.

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Where do batteries belong

Health-related information

For pregnant women

The metal detector at the security check is not hazardous to pregnant women or their unborn babies. The regulations regarding pregnancy differ from airline to airline. Please ask your airline how late into your pregnancy you are allowed to fly and whether you require a doctor's certificate.

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