Important note for arrival by car

Due to construction work, a nighttime closure of Butzenbüelring from 22:45 – 04:45 (excluding weekends) will be necessary from 26th March to 6th April 2023. Restrictions without road / entry / exit closures during the day may also apply. Please follow the redirects and schedule extra time. The closures will take place as follows:

  • Butzenbüelring / entries to the car parks: please use the curbside
    26th March until 6th April, from 22:45 – 04:45 (except of the weekends)

  • Curbside: please use the car parks
    11th April until 13th April, from 00:15 – 04:45

After completion of the construction work, you will find new signalization signs to enable better orientation and easier finding of the desired parking location.

Thank you for your understanding.

Book your parking space online now and benefit from lower prices

There are always countless things to do before a trip. That's why we help you get to Zurich Airport as stress-free as possible. After all, who wants to have to worry about a suitable parking location upon arrival?

On our parking booking platform, you benefit on the one hand from cheaper rates and on the other hand you have a larger selection of possible parking locations - from P1 directly at the terminal to the outdoor parking P60 for the smaller wallet.


Additional options for you

Choose our cancellation protection, parking damage protection or a lounge entry when booking a parking space online.

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Parking fees without prior booking

For passengers that don't want to book their parking online, the following car parks are available on site:

  • P1 - Terminal (directly connected to Terminal 1)
  • P2 - Terminal (directly connected to Terminal 2)
  • P3 - Terminal (directly connected to Check-in 3)
  • P6 - Terminal (four minutes walk to the terminals)
  • P6 - Park & Charge (for your electric vehicle)

The outside parking spaces P16 and P60 are only available with a previous online booking.

Here is an overview of the parking fees on site in our car parks P1, P2, P3 and P6.

Park & Charge Zone

Are you planning a long stay with your e-vehicle?

Here you will find more information about our Park & Charge offer.

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Special requirements

Whether you need to park an electric vehicle or your motorcycle – at the airport you’ll always find the right parking space. Find a parking space at the airport – in line with your needs.

Payment options

Learn more about the payment options at the airport.

For valet parking – have your car parked for you

Valet Parking

Valet Parking

  • Parking regulations (pdf)

Do you have any questions?

The staff of the ZRH Center will be happy to help you.

  • +41 43 816 26 07
  • ZRH Center

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