Safety and security as the highest priority

Safety and security are top priority at Zurich Airport. Our aim is to identify safety and security risks in a timely manner and thus avoid incidents and accidents. To this end, Zurich Airport relies on the support of everyone employed at the airport – even you. Please help us by reporting any incidents or possible hazards to the Safety Office as soon as possible.

Report hazards

Do you work at Zurich Airport and have you

  • observed an incident?  
  • seen a potential risk?  
  • identified unsafe working practices? 
  • behaved unsafely in a situation and wish to protect others from doing the same? 
  • or would you like to inform us about other safety and security problems on the airport premises? 

If so, please report the incident to the Safety Office, either in writing or by telephone.


Information on data protection

  • Reporting system of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)
  • Safety Reporting in ECCAIRS

Do you have any questions?

Our Safety Office Team will be happy to help you.


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