Management and development of airports

International Business offers excellence across the board. At Flughafen Zürich AG, we have proven specialists for every aspect of airport operations. Their inclusion in international projects supports knowledge transfer at airports abroad and the optimisation of operational and commercial processes.

Bild Know-how

Our core competencies include:

  • Operational efficiency: optimisation of operational processes and quality management
  • Commercial profitability: preparing commercial strategies and optimising earnings potential in the non-regulated area of airports (shops, restaurants, services, real estate development)
  • Airport development and project realisation
  • Acquisition, development and operation of airport concessions
  • Transformation of state-owned airports to privately-owned airport concessions
  • Partnership management with regard to authorities, airport partners, service providers, customers, etc.

Extensive wealth of experience

Successful airport developments such as those in Bangalore (India), Belo Horizonte and Florianópolis (Brazil) and significant expansions at Zurich Airport (e.g. 5th construction phase, new Dock B, the Circle) allow us to gain valuable experience and to apply this to projects abroad, while adapting to local needs and circumstances.

Excellent reputation

Surveys of airport users and international rankings show our high standards of quality and service which benefit everyone who travels via our airports.

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