Ongoing development of public areas

The northern part of Airport Shopping is being redesigned. Due to the comprehensive refurbishment there will be new routes to and from Check-in 1 as well as from Arrival 1.

Check-in 1

Departing passengers will reach Check-in 1 via Terminal 2. The usual route from car park 1 to Check-in 1 will remain.


Departing passengers coming from Airport Shopping and proceeding to the gates should use the boarding pass check in Terminal 2.

Radisson Hotel, Capsule Hotel, Prime Center 1, Airport Fitness, car parks 1 and 6 and OPC

Guests and visitors bound for Radisson Hotel, Capsule Hotel, Prime Center 1 and car parks 1 and 6 should now proceed via Airport Shopping across the curbside lane to the Arrival level. 

Destinations from Arrival 1

Arriving passengers in Arrival 1 will now reach Airport Shopping via the curbside lane with connections to trains, buses, trams, and access to car parks 2, 3 and 4 and the Circle.

All shops and restaurants in Airport Shopping remain open without restrictions.


Similar transfer times

The new routes will be signposted using the usual airport signage. In the initial phase after the switch, airport guides will assist passengers and visitors in finding their way. The transfer times will not change significantly.

  • Route to Check-in 1
  • Route to Arrival 1
Neue Wege ELP

Qualitative and quantitative improvements

The northern part of Airport Shopping is being redesigned.  Existing bottlenecks will be eliminated, and additional, attractive shopping and dining spaces plus a two-storey, well-lit food hall will be created. The comprehensive refurbishment will take place over three years.