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A Mediterranean island in the midst of the airport hustle and bustle. Enjoy Tuscan specialities and select wines at Villa Antinori da Bindella – an homage to the eponymous classic red wine from the Antinori wine-growing dynasty.

Culinary delights with a unique backdrop

Villa Antinori

The Villa Antinori da Bindella restaurant at Zurich Airport offers national and international guests authentic Tuscan cuisine and a selection of first-class wines. The stylish eatery in the Airside Center is a joint venture between the world-famous Antinori wine-growing dynasty from Florence and the Bindella family. This bijou – at a prime location just inside the Airside Center and decorated with numerous artworks – has a great view of the take-off runway.

A varied selection

Breakfast Antinori
Enjoy a brief time-out in Italy before you fly out into the big, wide world: Tuscan specialities accompanied by choice wines from the Antinori winery and the Bindella winery Tenuta Vallocaia. Look forward to: a plentiful choice of breakfast dishes, house-made focaccia, a range of stuzzichini and pasta and meat specialities.

The 2019 Chianti Classico harvest

James Nicklin

James Nicklin
“I’m a trained bookbinder and discovered my passion for "customer front" when I had to step in as a salesperson in our shop. I trained at a hotel management school in Sydney before going on to a number of trendy bars in Basel. I then worked for many years at Terrasse in Zurich, at Santa Lucia in Schaffhausen and at Più Schiffbau. I’m now pleased to be able to pamper guests before they depart.”

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