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Balgrist University Hospital offers patients consultations, assessments and treatments in orthopedics, sports medicine and chiropractic medicine.

Orthopaedics, sports medicine and chiropractic medicine

Our interdisciplinary team at Balgrist Zurich Airport is composed of orthopaedic experts and sports physicians from the University Centre for Prevention and Sports Medicine, who have expertise in a range of areas. From Monday to Friday there are also two chiropractors available who trained at the University of Zurich and Balgrist University Hospital.

Treatment offering

  • Orthopaedic triage consultation hours, initial assessments and treatment
  • Holistic sports medicine consultations and treatment
  • First place to go for chiropractic services north of Zurich

Referral to Balgrist University Hospital

We advise, treat and take care of our patients in line with the latest medical knowledge. After an initial assessment, patients are quickly and easily referred to the specialist team at Balgrist University Hospital if required. Our patients can benefit from our full range of highly specialised services.

Your Balgrist team at Zurich Airport

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