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Zurich Airport to launch its own Formula 1 racetrack

Together with Zurich Airport, the e-sports and racing simulator start-up Racing Unleashed presents its first self-designed virtual racetrack: the "Zurich Airport Circuit". Zurich Airport could be the only airport in the world with its own virtual Formula 1 racetrack.

The e-sports start-up Racing Unleashed stands for a world-class virtual racing experience. In February 2022, Racing Unleashed will open a racing lounge with ten simulators covering an area of over 400m2 in the Circle at Zurich Airport. With six racing simulators, the Racing Unleashed pop-up lounge, near the Circle main square, has already become the meeting place for all racing enthusiasts. In realistic, premium racing simulator cockpits with F1 handlebars, drivers race on the virtual version of famous racetracks. Zurich Airport will now launch its own F1 racetrack, the "Zurich Airport Circuit", likely a world first.

Zurich Airport Circuit

The goal of the first racetrack designed by Racing Unleashed is for the virtual to be as realistic as possible. At 7.6 km, the length of the “Zurich Airport Circuit” is longer than the average of existing F1 tracks, primarily because the track is based on the realities of Zurich Airport and is demanding in terms of driving. The start/finish of the "Zurich Airport Circuit" is at the Circle. Winding through a large section of the airport, the "Zurich Airport Circuit" includes top-speed straights and a total of 22 changes of direction per lap, including S-curves, hazards and a hairpin bend. The names of the curves are derived from Zurich Airport and racing: Cargo Curve, GAC hazard (General Aviation Center), BP Turn, Swiss-S or Rega Curve. Thanks to these curves that require technically precise driving, the 7.6 km long airport racetrack is not purely a full-throttle track – despite straights such as RUnway (RU Racing Unleashed) and Dock E.

Zurich Airport Circuit

Zurich Airport Circuit
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