Key stock data

The shares of Flughafen Zürich AG are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich.

Key Data 
Security number31941693
ISIN codeCH0319416936
Bloomberg symbolFHZN SW
Nominal valueCHF 10.00
Number of shares30,701,875
Share register (for example for change of address)ShareCommService AG, Glattbrugg, +41 44 809 58 58
Disclosure of shareholdings

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All shares are registered shares. All shares are equally entitled to dividends and – insofar as they are entered accordingly in the share register – entitled to vote. The purchase of Flughafen Zürich AG registered shares is open to all legal entities and individuals. Nominees, i.e. shareholders who acquire shares in their own name, but for the account of third parties, are registered as shareholders without voting rights. Registration with voting rights is limited to 5% of the share capital, whereby the limit applies to both individual shareholders and affiliated groups. The Canton of Zurich (limit at 49%) and the City of Zurich (limit at 10%) are excluded from this.

Ownership structure

The Canton of Zurich owns 33.33% plus one share and the City of Zurich 5% of the company's shares or voting rights. Information on exceeding or falling below threshold values in accordance with Article 120 FMIA can be viewed on the following publication platform:

Disclosure Office of the Swiss Exchange


Flughafen Zürich AG follows the principle of distributing 35-45% of the profit, excluding noise and special effects, as dividends. The dividend overview per share for the past 5 years is shown below:

in CHF per share20202019201820172016
Ordinary dividend--3.703.303.20
Additional dividend--
Ex date--29.04.201923.04.201824.04.2017
Record date--30.04.201924.04.201825.04.2017
Pay date--02.05.201925.04.201826.04.2017