Flight preparation

Airport slots

Zurich Airport is regulated by means of slots. You need a valid airport slot before departure and/or arrival.

  • IFR Slot:

You receive your airport slot via your dispatcher or ground handling provider (FBO). When booking
the slot, you receive an airport slot ID. This must be entered into field 18 of the flight plan.

  • VFR Slot:

You may book an airport slot via the VFR slot booking tool. When booking the slot you will receive
an airport Slot-ID, which must be entered into field 18 of your flight plan. In order to confirm your
airport slot, a flight plan must be filed at least 30 minutes before departure.

  In case of problems with the VFR slot booking tool, please contact slot.gasc@zurich-airport.com



Helicopter flights under VFR must book a VFR Slot (not possible between 12:45 – 14:15 LT). The slot availability for fixed-wing aircraft under VFR is adjusted every day depending on the traffic volumes, and weather conditions and can therefore vary.

Compulsory introduction

Pilots of fixed-wing aircraft are required to attend a compulsory introduction to movements at Zurich Airport. This is in the form of web-based training and must not be older than three years.

In case of problems with the WBT E-Learning for VFR pilots, please contact wbt.gasc@zurich-airport.com

Helicopter underload flights

Conducting underload flights in the vicinity of the airport must be approved by Airport Authority. For the application please click here (pdf, German only).

Runway Incursion Prevention

With its runway intersection, Zurich Airport is a complex system. The Runway Incursion Prevention Video shows the characteristics of the runway and taxiway system.

Propeller plane in hangar

General Aviation Center

The General Aviation Center offers the following services:

  • Pilot and briefing room
  • FBO reception and offices
  • Various aviation services, such as charter, flight schools and maintenance companies
  • Registration point for visitors
  • Restaurant Cat's Corner

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