Use of curbside lanes at the airport

Do you want the shortest route to the arrival or departure terminals at the airport for your customers? Limousines, cabs, buses (coaches) or even vehicles of government agencies are given direct access to the exclusive curbside lanes at the airport.

Send the completed application form together with a copy of the vehicle's registration document by mail to the ZRH Center.

Standard products

Products solely for use by commercial operators of personal transport services.

Special products

Products primarily intended for non-commercial transport services.

Single trips

Non-regular commercial users of the curbside lanes may obtain a ticket for a one-time use at the gate. For single trips it is not necessary to submit the application for the curbside lane permit.

Curbside Lanes Check-in and Arrival
  • Curbside lane regulation (pdf)
  • Curbside lane access (pdf, German only)
  • Order curbside lane permit (pdf, German only)

Do you have any questions?

The staff of the ZRH Center will be happy to help you.

  • +41 43 816 26 07

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