ZRH Insider Card – a discount pass

The ZRH Insider Card is the key to unlocking discounts in shops and restaurants at the airport. This digital discount pass makes the ZRH Insider Card instantly accessible to your employees on their smartphones. See an overview of the discounts currently offered here:

Ordering a ZRH Insider Card for employees

Only companies can order ZRH Insider Cards for their employees. Employees cannot order a ZRH Insider Card directly themselves.

For new companies at the airport and the Circle

Before ordering any ZRH Insider Cards, your company must first complete the registration process on the ZRH Center’s online portal.


Once your registration has been accepted, specify the desired products and enter the tenant information (Circle tenants please specify "The Circle CO" and give the name of your property manager as the contact). You will then be able to order the new ZRH Insider Card for your employees under "Orders". Once the order has been completed, your employees will be sent an e-mail with all the information they need to use the ZRH Insider Card.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the ZRH Insider Card.

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