Passenger baggage – permitted and prohibited items

For an easy and quick passage through the security check, make sure you're properly prepared. Use the search function below to find out if items in your carry-on or checked baggage are permitted or prohibited. Important: Even if items are permitted in baggage, they may be subjected to an additional security check and not cleared for transport if any doubts exist. All information applies only to departures from Zurich Airport. For more information, please contact your airline.


Baggage contents

How to reclaim dangerous goods that were removed from your baggage

If you carry an item which is not permitted, or if you pack something incorrectly, it will be removed from your baggage at Zurich Airport. Items of low monetary value are disposed of directly. All other items can be collected from or sent to you by left luggage by appointment. This will incur a processing fee.
The storage period for dangerous goods is 30 days from the date of your flight. After this period, the dangerous goods will be disposed of without prior notice and without compensation. You may apply to extend the storage period in exceptional circumstances. To do so, please contact left luggage in good time.

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