Cantonal council confirms extension of runways 28 and 32


Flughafen Zürich AG is pleased to note that the Zurich Cantonal Council has followed the proposal of the Government Council and approved the extensions of Runways 28 and 32. The decision is an important signal effect for the referendum.

The runway extensions are an important measure to increase the safety margin at Zurich Airport and to stabilise operations. The extensions were identified as an essential safety measure in the 2012 "Safety Review of Zurich Airport" report and included by the federal government in the Sectoral Plan for Aviation Infrastructure (SIL). The cantonal council thus followed its preliminary advisory committee (KEVU) and the Zurich cantonal government, which had already approved the project.

Project without alternative

Longer runways result in a longer braking distance to avoid overruns. There are also fewer crossing points on the ground and in the air. Thanks to more stable flight operations with better compliance with the specified operating concepts, there are fewer delays. Finally, the runway extensions reduce the overall number of people affected by aircraft noise. There are no alternative measures in flight operations that would bring the same improvements in terms of safety and reduction of delays.

No additional flights can be planned with the runway extensions. The project does not change the framework conditions that apply to the airport, which are set by the federal government.

Referendum before planning approval procedure

After the cantonal council's decision, the electorate will have the final say by referendum. If they also approve the runway extensions, Flughafen Zürich AG can submit the planning approval application to the federal government.