Key Figures October 2022 and Update of Guidance 2022

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

Traffic Figures Zurich 

2,417,367 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport in October (+49.8% vs. previous year). The number of local passengers increased by 40.0% and transfer passengers increased by 86.2%. The transfer rate, which was at 21.4% last October, is at 26.6% in the month under review. Passenger numbers were 84.2% of the 2019 level. 

In October, flight movements increased by 25.6% to 20,992 versus previous year. Flight movements were 87.3% of the 2019 level. 

Commercial Activities Zurich

Total turnover in October was CHF 49.9m (+36.3% vs previous year). The increase divides into 45.8% for airside and 25.7% for landside.

Traffic Figures International

At the international airports, the passenger count was as follows for the month under review: 

  • 286,465 at Florianópolis Airport (+16.6% vs. previous year) 
  • 263,119 at Vitória/Macaé Airports (+10.7% vs. previous year) 
  • 173,112 at Antofagasta Airport (+3.7% vs. previous year) 
  • 141,640 at Iquique Airport (-7.9% vs. previous year) 

Update of Guidance 2022 

Due to a faster than expected recovery in traffic at Zurich Airport, passenger numbers for 2022 are now expected at approximately 22 million (previously slightly more than 20 million). Total revenue will therefore increase, whereas due to strict cost management operating expenses remain unchanged to previous expectations (i.e. approximately 25% higher than in 2021, excluding IFRIC12). The consolidated result will adjust accordingly. 

Total CAPEX for the full year is now expected at around CHF 350 million, whereof CHF ~200 million will be spent in Zurich and CHF ~150 million abroad (previously CHF ~200m in Zurich and CHF ~200m International). 

As indicated earlier, the positive development will allow to resume a dividend payment for the financial year 2022. 


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