Record day at Zurich Airport


The first Zurich vacation weekend led to a new passenger record at Zurich Airport since before the pandemic. For the first time, the 100,000 mark was reached. A new function on the website also shows passengers the check-in time for their flight as further information.

On Sunday, the 100,000-passenger mark was exceeded for the first time since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. In 2019, the record peak day was July 28 with 115,000 passengers.

During the current summer vacations, further individual peak days with over 100,000 passengers are expected. Detailed passenger numbers for the month of July will be communicated on August 14.

When should I arrive at the airport for my flight?

In addition to the question of what to put in their luggage, passengers are always faced with the question of how much time they should arrive at the airport before departure. Since a few days, a corresponding individualized recommendation is given for each flight from Zurich on the airport website. Passengers can enter their flight and record whether they have already checked in and whether they are traveling exclusively with hand luggage. After that, the recommended arrival time at Zurich Airport is given individually as supporting information.