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Owner and operator of Switzerland's largest airport and other airports abroad.

Flughafen Zürich AG's strategy

Where Switzerland starts its journeys to worldwide destinations, and the world gains its first impressions of Switzerland – which is why we greet our guests and partners at the gateway to the world with our customary high-quality service every day.

Our mandate

As a diversified business and a listed company, Flughafen Zürich AG operates one of the most important transport and meeting hubs in Switzerland. Our core activities are split into four business areas: aviation, commercial, real estate and international airport business. Together, we safeguard smooth flight operations, the operation of the commercial centers and support for our top-class real estate, and invest in airport development in growth markets. 

The federal government formulates our mandate as follows: "Switzerland's airports are the national hubs for international air traffic. They constitute fundamental elements of Switzerland's core infrastructure and part of its overall transport system. Their purpose is to satisfy market demand for flight connections. Zurich Airport should be able to fulfil its role as a European hub for global air transport now and in future. It must provide an attractive framework within which an airline can use the airport as a hub."

Our vision

Zurich Airport is the leading transport and meeting center in Europe.

Our mission

We connect Switzerland to the world. We welcome our guests round the clock. We undertake projects at home and abroad and personify "Swissness".

Our strategy

We are fulfilling our licence mandate and increasing enterprise value by:

  • using our resources (employees, infrastructure, finances) sustainably, and optimally exploiting manoeuvrability;
  • constantly developing the transport hub as a high-quality hub, thereby guaranteeing security and striving for the best use of the infrastructure and technology available;
  • using the commercial and services center (real estate, commerce, services) to expand flight operations, bring the fascination of flying to life, and generate profits which allow the whole system at Zurich Airport to be further developed to a high quality standard;
  • applying our skills and experience to projects at home and abroad in such a way that they enable us to access new medium and long-term sources of income.

The strategy house ist built on diversity

strategy house

Our responsibility

As the operator of Zurich Airport, we are involved in the areas of cost-efficiency, environment and social responsibility. We assume responsibility for our employees, partners, customers, the population and the environment. We are consistently improving our environmental efficiency and environmental skills, and we set ourselves goals above and beyond official requirements. To this end, Flughafen Zürich AG has announced that it aims to reduce its CO2 emissions to net zero by 2050. In our operations and investments, protection of resources, natural habitats and nearby residents is a high priority. As part of environmental project management, construction projects are therefore assessed as regards their ecological impact, in terms of both the realisation stage and also their eventual use.

It is enshrined in our sustainability promise that we will reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, wherever we are able to influence this as an airport operator.

Our four business areas

With its four business areas, Flughafen Zürich AG operates the airport as a travel, work, shopping and experience destination, both within Switzerland and abroad.

Flight operations

Around 200 direct connections to 70 countries around the world are offered from Zurich. Thanks to its hub, our home carrier, Swiss, makes a significant contribution to the diversity of the destinations. All in all, around 60 airlines fly to Zurich regularly. This makes it possible to efficiently map connection routes from Europe to the rest of the world, making Zurich Airport an international hub. 

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