Recommended arrival times before departure

We recommend the following arrival times at the airport:

  • for European flights between 2 and 2.5 hours before departure
  • for intercontinental flights 3 hours before departure

These times are to be understood as guidelines. Earlier arrival is not recommended.

Please note that check-in begins at 4:00 a.m. at the earliest and ends at 10:00 p.m. at the latest.

Check check-in hours for your airline.

At home

Online check-in

To avoid any unnecessary waiting, we recommend that you check in before arriving at the airport. To do so, use the online or mobile check-in function on your airline’s website to check in from the comfort of your own home. You can then print off your boarding pass or save it to your mobile phone. You can drop off your baggage at your airline's check-in desk at the Airport.


At the airport

Check-in at the desk or at the machines

At the airport, go to your airline’s check-in area and check in at either the desk or the machine. Please note that some airlines allow you to check in at either only the desk or only the machine. In any case, you simply drop off your baggage at your airline's check-in desk.

Prior-evening check-in

Some airlines allow you to check in and drop off your baggage from 23 hours before your flight. Please check with your airline whether they offer prior-evening check-in. 

Counter occupancy at Zurich airport

Luggage pick-up

Travel carefree by having your luggage collected from your front door and delivered to Zurich Airport. For selected airlines, your luggage will be checked-in directly and transported to your destination airport. Requirements:

  • Your address is in Switzerland.
  • Your luggage will be collected from your home one day before departure or on the same day.
  • The baggage regulations of the airline apply.

You can find booking options and further information directly from the providers:

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Wrapping luggage

Your baggage travels securely wrapped