Thorough enjoyment

During this guided tour, you will enjoy a detailed view behind the scenes of Zurich Airport. Shortly after the tour starts, refreshments are served in the Airside Center, usually only accessible to passengers. After 45 minutes, the tour continues, including a trip on the Skymetro to Dock E, where the aircraft are close enough to touch and Observation Deck E offers unbeatable views of the runways.

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Group of people having aperitif at Zurich Airport

Key information

Duration 2 ¾ h (the tour takes 2 hours)

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Minimum age Recommended age is 10 years or over
Number of participants At least 10 participants

Price per group

Number of participants Prices
Up to 15 participants 325.–*
Up to 30 participants 650.–*
Up to 45 participants 975.–*
Up to 60 participants 1'300.–*
* Refreshments will be charged in addition, according to the package selected and the number of participants (minimum 10).
All prices in CHF (incl. VAT)
  • Modification and cancellation conditions

Aperitif packages


  Price per person
Early Bird (mornings) 12.50
Breakfast (mornings) 19.50
Small Bite 28.50
Business 32.50
Senator 39.50
Prices in CHF (incl. VAT)

Details of the guided airport tour with refreshments

Arrival and parking options

  • By car and cars taller than 2 metres
  • By train, tram or bus
  • Location of Departure curbside lane on Google Maps
  • Location of waiting area P12 – 300 on Google Maps

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