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Parking for shopping and visitors –your options

Find a suitable parking space – whether you're travelling, shopping at the airport, or just here often.

The right parking for shoppers and visitors

Car park P3 is just a few minutes away from the shops and restaurants and also the meeting point for airport tours. For visitors or shoppers of The Circle we recommend using car park P4.

Due to COVID-19 the car park P2 will remain temporarily closed. For visitors of Terminal 2 we recommend using car park P3. We thank you for your understanding.

Parking for shopping & visitors

Go shopping and receive a special rate

If you come to the airport and/or the Circle to shop or eat for at least CHF 60, you pay just CHF 3 for 3 hours’ parking. Applies to car parks P1, P3, P4 and P6.

Here's how it works

  • Keep the receipts of your purchases and meals – together, these must come to at least CHF 60.
  • Present the parking ticket together with the receipts at the cash register of a shop or restaurant or at the Airport Shopping Service Center (car park P2, 1st floor).
  • Before you leave the car park, please pay the parking fees at the pay machine. The special rate will be credited automatically.

Please note:

  • You will pay the standard parking rates if you park for more than three hours.
  • The special rate can only be applied once per parking ticket.
  • A special rate is not possible if you use a credit card when entering the car park.
  • The purchases must have been made on the same day that you exit the car park.
  • The special rate does not apply to bank, dental, airline, medical centre, post office and rail services.
Shopping special rate

Parking fees

The following fees apply to car parks P1, P3, P4 and P6:

Parking fees
Parking duration P1 / P3 / P4 P6
Up to 15 mins. 2.– 2.–
Up to 30 mins. 4.– 4.–
Up to  45 mins. 5.– 5.–
Up to 1 hour 6.– 6.–
Up to 2 hours 10.– 9.–

Up to 3 hours

14.– 12.–
Up to 4 hours 18.– 15.–
Each additional hour 4.– 3.–
1 day max. 54.– 45.–
> 24 hours see "parking for passengers" (only P1 & P3) see "parking for passengers"

(in CHF incl. VAT)

There are no graduations between hourly rates.

Special requirements

Whether you need to park an electric vehicle or your motorcycle – at the airport you’ll always find the right parking space. Find a parking space at the airport – in line with your needs.

Payment options

The following payment options are available at the pay stations:
  • Swiss francs (CHF)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Maestro Card
  • Postcard

It is also possible to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) at the barriers.

Prices subject to Change

Zurich Airport reserves the right to change these parking prices at any time.
  • Parking regulations (pdf)
  • Parking regulations for bicycle storage zones (pdf)

Do you have any questions?

The staff of the ZRH Center will be happy to help you.

  • +41 43 816 26 07
  • services@zurich-airport.com

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